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If you’re ready to take real strides toward your weight loss goals, then we invite you to consult with Dr. Anthony Pendolino here at Pure Health Integrated Medicine and ask about our Plainfield red light therapy weight loss methods. Through cutting-edge treatment methods, Dr. Pendolino will help you directly target problem areas of your body and safely take measures to remove fat.

Diet and exercise are both great things. Unfortunately, for many reasons, finding results can be difficult. Some men and women either achieve results at a snail’s pace while others don’t ever find exactly what they’re looking for. Through measures like red light therapy weight loss in Plainfield IL, you not only can feel your best, but you can start looking your best.

About Our Plainfield Red Light Therapy Weight Loss Service

Red light therapy is a method that is growing in popularity around the world — and for good reason. Doctors use it for a variety of purposes and most patients love the fact that it is quick and non-invasive.

At Pure Health Integrated Medicine, Dr. Pendolino utilizes red light therapy for weight loss in Plainfield IL. By using cutting-edge, pain-free, low-powered red light, Dr. Pendolino is able to penetrate your skin and target the cells and tissue below. Stimulating these cells, it leads to better blood flow and a decrease in inflammation. It also targets fat cells to help patients lose the excess weight.

Plainfield red light therapy weight loss is a great way to slowly sculpt the body and make your weight loss more pronounced. These fat cells can persist no matter how much you diet and exercise. Dr. Pendolino will help you find results.

Go Beyond Red Light Therapy Weight Loss in Plainfield

Not only does Dr. Pendolino specialize in Plainfield red light therapy weight loss, but he provides a full menu of integrated medical services that will help you look and feel your best. As a chiropractor and licensed acupuncturist, he is ready to help your body harness its natural processes in order to heal and regenerate itself.

Find relief from pain and other issues with your body by consulting with Dr. Pendolino. He would be happy to talk to you more about Plainfield red light therapy weight loss and other life-changing treatments.

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