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If you’re dealing with constant pain in your knees, then we invite you to consult with the staff at Pure Health Integrated Medicine to learn about non-surgical ways in which you can address it, like our Naperville visco gel injections.

Many patients come to us because they have seemingly exhausted their options when it comes to joint pain. The traditional, non-invasive methods don’t seem to be working while they are not sure if they want to move forward with surgery.

Our visco gel injections in Naperville - known commonly as viscosupplementation - are a highly effective way to combat pain in your knees, shoulders and other joints. Viscosupplementation is a quick, non-invasive and easy treatment method that will help you find relief almost right away. There is little wonder why this treatment method has exploded in popularity all across the world.

We Offer Naperville Visco Gel Injections

Our visco gel injections in Naperville IL are a method in which we are able to replenish the fluid that is found naturally in your joints. The only downside is that, for most people, this naturally-occurring fluid slowly goes away as you get older, which is why joints start to ache and conditions like arthritis can set in.

If you are starting to experience pain in your joints, then we can use our Naperville visco gel injections to introduce hyaluronic acid into the joint, providing a natural cushion and lubricant for the joint.

By doing so, we are able to restore movement to the joint while reducing or even eliminating the pain. At the same time, you can use these injections to slow down the onset of arthritis.

Find Relief With Pure Health Integrated Medicine and Viscosupplementation

Constantly dealing with achy joints can really hinder the quality of your life. Instead of dealing with the pain and accepting it as part of getting older, you can now do something about it. Dr. Anthony Pendolino and his support staff not only can address your achy joints but we offer a variety of other cutting-edge treatments to rid you of persistent and nagging pain issues.

Learn more on whether or not Naperville visco gel injections might be right for you. Connect with the staff at Pure Health Integrated Medicine and let’s get to working helping you feel your best.

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