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Here at Pure Health Integrated Medicine, we work with our patients to help them achieve their weight loss goals, and our Joliet red light therapy weight loss procedure is one way in which we do so.

If you are someone that isn’t necessarily happy with how you look and are trying to get rid of fat that doesn’t want to seem to go away with diet and exercise, then we want to talk to you. Our red light therapy weight loss in Joliet IL is one effective way in which we can specifically target fat cells in your body and do away with them.

The end result of this procedure is a body that is more sculpted in addition to skin that has more elasticity and isn’t saggy and wrinkled. If this sounds like the results you are after, Dr. Anthony Pendolino and his support staff are ready to talk to you!

Understanding Red Light Therapy Weight Loss in Joliet IL

Red light therapy is a concept that is still foreign to a lot of people. However, this is also an innovative treatment method that is starting to explode in popularity around the world because of the results that it has to offer.

With our red light therapy weight loss in Joliet IL, Dr. Pendolino or one of our nurse practitioners will use our Trifecta Red Light system to expose your body to low-powered red light. This is light that will penetrate the skin and target the cells below, energizing them.

Not only does this red light do away with fat cells, but it also energizes and benefits the other cells in your body, increasing blood flow and promoting the production of collagen throughout your skin. Through these simple, non-invasive sessions, you are able to drastically change your appearance for the better.

Get started now with Joliet Red Light Therapy Weight Loss

When you are confident in the way you look, it shows and it can give you a whole new lease on life. That’s why our team at Pure Health Integrated Medicine does what we do. We want to help our patients achieve the look they have always wanted in addition to enhancing their overall health. Get to know more about our Joliet red light therapy weight loss methods by connecting with our team right now.

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