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If you are tired of trying to mask the painful symptoms of your health issues, and instead want to target the root cause of them, then it’s time to consider a Joliet functional medicine physician.

Functional medicine is an effective way to diagnose exactly why you feel the way that you do in order to take action and correct it. This approach to health care also harnesses your body’s natural healing power and processes in order to get results.

If you are interested in working with a leading functional medicine physician in Joliet IL, then connect with Dr. Anthony Pendolino at Pure Health Integrated Medicine. He brings knowledge and experience to his compassionate form of care so that, together, you can work to establish a higher quality of life.

Why choose a Joliet functional medicine physician?

It’s time to admit that the traditional healthcare system in this country is simply not effective. Too many medical doctors try to provide a one-size-fits-all treatment for men, women and children and they don’t end up remedying the issues that these patients are facing.

With a functional medicine physician in Joliet IL, you are treated like the individual that you are. Everyone is different when it comes to their physical, emotional and mental state — and these differences have a dramatic effect on their medical needs.

When you work with Dr. Pendolino and his staff, they will account for these unique needs and work to tailor a treatment regimen that suits your needs. We’re also in the business of targeting the root cause of your pain — whether that might be torn tissue, ligaments or tendons or a bulging disc in your back.

We have cutting-edge treatments that are designed to heal your body naturally so that you can erase that chronic pain and discomfort.

Get to know Dr. Pendolino and his team!

If you’re new to the idea of working with a Joliet functional medicine physician, then we invite you to start by connecting with our team and learning about everything we do. We can provide you with an extensive examination and insightful information to your health needs. Let’s embark on a journey to better health together — we’re waiting for you at Pure Health Integrated Medicine.

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