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Pure Health Integrated Medicine is proud to provide our patients with Joliet decompression therapy, a treatment method designed to provide permanent relief from many forms of chronic pain.

Led by Dr. Anthony Pendolino, a licensed chiropractor and acupuncturist, Pure Health Integrated Medicine strives to provide patients with an alternative to traditional medical treatment, which can often be traumatic to their bodies. Instead of powerful narcotics or invasive surgeries, we utilize treatments like our decompression therapy in Joliet IL to let your body’s natural healing powers work their magic.

If you are someone that is experiencing persistent pain in your back, shoulders or core, then Dr. Pendolino invites you to come visit our team and see if decompression therapy might be right for you.

Why consider our Joliet decompression therapy?

Decompression therapy is a series of brief treatments where Dr. Pendolino gently stretches out your spine over time. Your spine can become compressed under the weight of your body, especially when you’re always sitting down.

By stretching your spine via our decompression therapy in Joliet IL, we can often rid you of various forms of pain. Our patients generally love the fact that this treatment is:

  • Consists of brief sessions — it fits into their busy schedules
  • Offers relief in minimal time
  • Allows them to avoid surgery
  • Instrumental in getting them back to doing the physical things that they love

It’s impossible to live your best life when you are dealing with chronic back pain and other forms of pain. Instead of trying to mask the problem, do something about it! Dr. Pendolino and his team are dedicated to working with our clients to enhance the quality of their lives.

Whether it’s through our Joliet decompression therapy, or other treatment methods, we want to help you to achieve peak health and wellness. The first step is to simply connect with our team and arrange an appointment. We run specials for new patients so that we can make our treatments even more accessible to men and women of all walks of life. Tell us about your pain and other ailments and we’ll walk you through effective methods of addressing them.

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