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If you are experiencing pain in your back, hips and virtually any other area of your body, then we invite you to connect with the staff at Pure Health Integrated Medicine to learn about our Plainfield decompression therapy and other effective treatment methods.

Decompression Therapy in Plainfield IL

As experts in functional medicine, Dr. Anthony Pendolino and his support staff want to work with you and help you trace the cause of your pain and other symptoms. Because your spine is the focal point of your entire nervous system, this is where many problems often originate.

Just think about it for a minute — how often are you sitting down each day? This puts constant pressure on your spine and allows it to compress. The same goes for those who engage in physical activity. While resilient, your spine is certainly susceptible to persistent wear and tear.

Through decompression therapy in Plainfield IL, you can slowly stretch your spine out and relieve that pressure. This non-invasive technique is a great alternative to surgery. In fact, who wouldn’t opt to forgo surgery if they could get the same results through a gentle, pain-free treatment?

Dr. Pendolino and his team want to provide you with Plainfield decompression therapy that will stretch out your spine, facilitating better blood flow and nutrient exchange, which can lead to enhanced healing power in your body. On top of that, you will be able to relieve pinched nerves and the pressure on bulging or misaligned discs.

There are so many issues we can alleviate with our decompression therapy in Plainfield IL, and it’s all available through a series of brief, pain-free treatments.

Helping You Live a Better Life!

How would you rate your health and wellness right now? Do you just go to the doctor when you’re sick or injured so you can get a prescription and go about your day?

Think about targeting the root cause of your pain and discomfort. Do you suffer from migraines? How about chronic pain in your back, neck, shoulders or knees? At Pure Health Integrated Medicine, we have non-invasive, natural healing solutions for these and other issues. To learn more about these treatments — like our Plainfield decompression therapy — then connect with us right now. We’re currently offering new patient discounts!

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