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Achy joints and constant pain don’t necessarily have to be a part of getting older — Pure Health Integrated Medicine can show you a way to relieve it through our Bolingbrook visco gel injections.

Here at Pure Health Integrated Medicine, we provide a variety of cutting-edge treatment methods that are designed to make our patients feel better. Chronic aches and pains seem commonplace for just about anyone who is getting older or who engages in a lot of physical activity.

This can be a byproduct of inflammation, torn tissue, tendons and ligaments or aging joints. This is not necessarily something that you have to live with, though. And, if you are someone that is experiencing consistent pain in your knees, shoulders and other joints, then we invite you to talk to our team about our visco gel injections in Bolingbrook IL.

Turning back the clock on your joints

As people get older, the fluid in their joints begins to deplete. When this fluid goes away, it can leave painful joints — many people recognize this as arthritis. If traditional methods of coping with these painful joints haven't been working, and you’re not sure if surgery is right for you, then we’d love to show you how effective our Bolingbrook visco gel injections can be.

This treatment method is often called viscosupplementation. Either Dr. Anthony Pendolino or our on-staff nurse practitioner can administer these visco gel injections in Bolingbrook IL, injecting hyaluronic directly into the joint.

Viscosupplementation mimics your natural joint fluid, which lubricates and cushions the joint. The end result is:

  • Reducing or eliminating joint pain
  • Restore joint movement
  • Slow the progression of arthritis

Viscosupplementation is a welcome sign for anyone that has had to suffer through constant pain in their knees, shoulders and other joints. Eliminating this pain can allow you to be more active while enhancing the quality of your life.

Visit with the team at Pure Health Integrated Medicine to talk about viscosupplementatio.

Our Bolingbrook visco gel injections are just one of the cutting-edge treatments that we provide. If you’re ready to finally feel your best then we invite you to visit with the team at our clinic. We have new patient discounts and specials that we would love to talk to you more about.

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