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Surgery is not the only way to rid yourself of chronic back pain — at Pure Health Integrated Medicine, we invite you to explore our Bolingbrook decompression therapy as a method of curing pain in your back, neck, shoulders and other areas of the body.

About Pure Health Integrated Medicine

Here at Pure Health Integrated Medicine, we provide men, women and children with highly effective treatments that take aim at the causes of their chronic pain and other symptoms (i.e. migraines, malnutrition, etc.). Decompression therapy in Bolingbrook IL is just one of the many treatments that we provide in this multi-disciplined approach to patient care.

Led by Dr. Anthony Pendolino, Pure Health Integrated Medicine harnesses your body’s natural abilities to heal itself in order to take aim at the root causes of your pain and discomfort. Instead of trying to mask it with powerful prescription medication, or even surgery, we will show you non-invasive, natural ways for you to treat pain and achieve a higher quality of life.

Benefit from our Bolingbrook decompression therapy

As a licensed chiropractor, Dr. Pendolino provides a highly effective form of decompression therapy in Bolingbrook IL. This is where, throughout a number of brief treatment sessions, he slowly stretches out your spine to decompress it.

By stretching the spine — which is a pain-free experience — your body will facilitate better blood flow and transfer of nutrients. This can lead to more effective healing for any damaged tissue, discs, tendons and other components of the body.

It also reduces or eliminates back pain doing it all naturally without the stress of prescription medication. This therapy can be paired with any number of other treatments to help you achieve peak health and wellness.

And, that’s the beauty of working with Pure Health — you get individualized treatment that is designed for you and only you. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to health.

If you have questions about our Bolingbrook decompression therapy, or would like to learn more about the treatments that we provide, don’t hesitate to connect with the team at Pure Health Integrated Medicine.

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