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Functional Medicine Plainfield IL Visco Gel Injections For Knee Pain

Welcome to Pure Health Integrated Medicine, where our team wants to teach you about the many exciting, cutting-edge treatment methods that we offer, including our Aurora visco gel injections.

At Pure Health Integrated Medicine, Dr. Anthony Pendolino and the rest of his staff are focused on working with our patients to help them find relief from their ailments while also addressing issues that might be self-conscious of, such as excessive fat or wrinkled, sagging skin.

Our team utilizes a variety of innovative and effective treatment methods that are carried out with cutting-edge equipment. Our visco gel injections in Aurora is one such example as we use it to help our patients find relief from persistent and chronic joint pain.

About Our Aurora Visco Gel Injections

You might have already heard a little bit about this procedure — it’s commonly referred to as viscosupplementation. In short, this is where Dr. Pendolino or the nurse practitioner on our staff injects various joints with synthetic hyaluronic acid. This is most commonly administered to either the knees or the shoulders, which are both joints that succumb to excessive wear and tear through a person’s life.

These visco gel injections in Aurora IL provide an additional cushion and source of lubrication for the joints, which slowly start to run low on their natural liquid as a person ages.

By supplementing this fluid inside knees, shoulders and other joints, you will find relief from chronic pain and a better range of motion. This viscosupplementation procedure quite literally turns back the clock on your joints and makes them feel a lot better without invasive knee and other surgeries.

Find Relief With Pure Health Integrated Medicine and Our Viscosupplementation

It’s tough to maintain a high quality of life when you’re always in pain. Experiencing constant pain in your knees and your shoulders can be debilitating. If you have already tried traditional treatment methods and still have made no progress, then we invite you to connect with Pure Health Integrated Medicine where we’re ready to help you find relief through our Aurora visco gel injections. Ask us about a new patient discount — we’re always welcoming of new faces at our clinic!

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